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Camí de l'Auró s/n, 17530, Campdevànol,

GIRONA (desde carretera GI-401, km 3,5)

Telephone : 649640039

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It offers a day of fun, adventure and teambuiding to your workers and improves the efficiency of your work team. Work Aspects:

  • Face up and overcome critical situations.

  • Find the motivation of the team to face new challenges.

  • Encourage communication between the team.

  • Grow the positive attitude.

  • Increase confidence in oneself.

  • Minimize stress in decision making.

  • Share efforts and stimulate empathy for colleagues ...


Surprise your workers with an innovative proposal and come to ESTIULA Adventure!

Choose a PACK ALLOTJAMENT (we give you different options in establishments and hotel establishments in the Ripollès) and take advantage of the visit to make one or more nights, reinforcing your departure with a training or course in the hotel!

Ask us for a budget and we will surely find a proposal that suits your needs and adjusts to your needs..